Vital Esthetique introduce new, safe and effective line to successfully fight skin aggressions.

Mesotherapy is a non- surgical and non- invasive method used in aesthetic medicine, by which small amounts of active ingredients are targeted to different areas of skin and introduced into the middle layer (the mesoderm).

To optimize the results of this procedure we have formulated VMR- Vita Meso Range.

This is a comprehensive line of sterile mesotherapy cocktails that help repairing various skin conditions and can be applied on FACE, BODY and HAIR.

Powerful combinations of active ingredients prevent skin aging, reduce wrinkles, hydrate skin, regulate pigmentation, even skin tone, diminish the appearance of cellulite, reshape body contour, reduce hair fall and boost hair growth.

The range consists of four types of cocktails meant to be used for different areas:

VitaFACE: Anti-aging cocktail, rich in stimulating ingredients, which revitalizes, strengthens, regenerates, stimulates skin.

VitaWHITE: Advanced mixture based on whitening and antioxidant actives, created to influence the melanin synthesis at all stages.

VitaBODY: Unique formula for efficient fat melting, which consists of powerful slimming, draining and firming actives, ideal to improve the condition of areas affected by cellulite and more specifically to fight “Orange” skin and edematous cellulite.

VitaHAIR: Exclusive formula with vitamins and potent active ingredients, that act in synergy to effectively fight intensive hair loss, stimulate hair growth and revitalize hair fibres.