Vita-Electroporation is a development to increase the benefits of cosmetic and

aesthetic procedures. It is an innovative solution to accelerate and

facilitate transdermal penetration of macromolecules in the skin.

A modern alternative to the traditional way of applying

of cosmetic products. Electroporation is a mechanism that facilitates

penetration of the substances inside the cell by the externally-applied

electric field. Electrostimulation changing polarization  of

the cell and leads to an opening of the bridges in the cell membranes. These

electrical impulses converts its polarity, avoiding

electrolysis and causes pulse opening intracellular channel

in which the active substances can pass. This method is defined

as electroporation, and is considered a non-invasive alternative to the


Two of  the handprobes for body and face  Vita-Electroporation allow

performance of both types of procedures. Requires no additional

electrode or the use of contact gel.



  • face lifting- skin rejuvenation
  • obesity throat and double chin
  •  prevention and treatment of photoaging
  • moistening
  • hyperpigmentation
  • acne and acne scars
  •  hydration
  •  revitalization of the skin
  •  fine lines and wrinkles
  •  greasy skins
  •  enlarged pores
  •  before procedures for hair removal / laser rejuvenation
  •  before / after surgical procedures in plastic surgery


  • cellulite
  • toning the body
  • tired legs
  • fluid retention
  • body shaping
  • localized fat deposits
  • without needle mesotherapy
  • stimulating collagen synthesis
  • stretch marks
  • toning bust