Vita Lift


VitaLift – is a monopolar radiofrequency device and it is a result after years of an engineering research.

It is developed for face and body anti-aging treatments with two different working programs- easy and quick to use.

The device has 35 power levels which are adjustable before and during the treatment.

A scanner controls the transferred energy and it is equipped with two handprobes – one to treat face and one for body.

Thanks to the device technology, it was developed for treatments of cutaneos unaesthetisms.


Thanks to Vital Estetique`s design, this device is a combination between high level performances and elegant style, compact device which includes the most sophisticated technology presently on the market of the readiofrequency treatments.

Optimum dimensions, easy for transportation, easy to operate are some of the main characteristics that facilitate doctors and beauticians work in both- medical office and aesthetic center. It is simply to consult the display, easy to use the different and complete working programs in an considerable number of programs.


VitaLift has a sophisticated control system, managed by microprocessor which permanently monitors its correct functioning. At the time of switch on VitaLift automatically tests every elements of its system. When it is in function, a continuous monitoring of safety parameters checks its correct connections to the accessories (handprobes and plate), the keyboard integrity and the proper functioning of the software.


The particular ergonomics of the handprobes and the 7 electrodes with different diameters, allows to work in a safe and practical way in the different face and body areas and with extreme precision. The energy output is always visible on the screen, in order to make the work always precise and correct.