Vita Form



The device which presented here is a result after years of an engineering research . Trying to find the best solution for a treatment of localized adiposity – the engineers have discovered the best machine- VitaForm.

It combine a non invasive technology and an excellent efficiency for the treatment of body.

The research evolution in the ultrasound  us on human body has allowed to go over the “cavitation” concept.

Using an innovate system with ultrasound waves which permits a progressive increase of cytoplasmic membrane permeability, determing the osmotic outpour of triglyceride content, with consequent adipocyte loss.


The devise has a compact and elegant design which included the most sophisticated technology on the market in the stable cavitation treatment.

Optimum dimensions, easy for transportation, easy to operate are some of the main characteristics that facilitate do s and beauticians work in both – medical office and aesthetic center. The display, which is a touch screen and easy consulting, combine a very highly developed software are different working programs in a considerable number of controls.


It allows a safe and customizable use, so the operator can obtain the best performances from its perfect hardware. It has different working levels (from extremely easy to highly articulated parameters).

The engineers has developed a very effective processor with an internal development system to coordinate, study and control the physiological parameters.


The ergonomic and operator friendly handprobe is a result of common work between engineers and orthopaedic operators. It allows an effective and optimal grip.

The device is equipped with three handprobes with different geometrical shapes: Flat, Concave and Convex which are particular developed for a works at different depths. They are built in order to resist to solicitations induced by continuous frequency variations during the treatment.