Pe-Ha-Visco ® is isotonic, clear, viscoelastic, and a sterile solution for intraocular administration. As an additional tool during surgery in anterior segment    Pe-Ha-Visco ® maintains anterior chamber depth and protects the surrounding ocular tissues. Pe-Ha-Visco ® containing 2.0% or 2.4% hydroxypropylmethylcellulose and supports intraocular manipulations due to its viscoelastic and moisturizing properties.

Pe-Ha-Visco ® does not cause any inflammatory or immunogenic reactions.

Pe-Ha-Visco ® contains no preservatives.

Because of  its  solubility in water Pe-Ha-Visco ® can be removed at the end of surgery simply by aspiration and irrigation.


Pe-Ha-Visco ® is used as a volume replacement of the liquid medium at the time of intraocular operations such as extraction of the lens and placing the intraocular lens Pe-Ha-Visco ® maintains the depth of the anterior chamber during surgery, and reduces the risk of trauma to the corneal endothelium, iris and ciliary body in direct contact with the surgical instruments.



The strength of Pe-Ha-Luron is  the high molecular weight which provides

• High pseudoplasticity for

- easy controlled injection

- stable reformation in AC / capsular bag

• High viscosity for

- maintain optimal AC depth during capsulorhexis

- keep capsular bag open

•  100 % pure transparency

• Soft coating and protection of endothelial cells

• High cohesion for easy irrigation / aspiration

Intended use:

For intraocular use only. The product is indicated whenever protection, lubricating and supporting of delicate cells or tissues are needed, especially in ophthalmic procedures including

- Cataract surgery and IOL implantation

- Glaucoma surgery

- Corneal transplantation

- Anterior segment surgery

brochure Pe-Ha-Luron

brochure Pe-Ha-Visco