Blood Stop iX

BloodSTOP® iX is a new generation hemostat matrix made from water soluble, oxidized – etherified regenerated cellulose. It is used by medical professionals and hospitals. It is a fully biocompatible, non-irritating, woven matrix of fibers that contain natural plant components.

It adheres to any wound and, upon contact with blood, initiates blood coagulation, stops bleeding fast, and forms a protective layer that creates an optimal environment for wound healing.


Emergency and therapeutic use in the control of bleeding from the skin and other surface wounds where temporary control of bleeding is required.

Features and Benefits:

·         Creates a natural healing environment

·         Completely biocompatible, non-irritating

·         Solubility in any fluid including saline, easing the removal of dirt and foreign bodies by irrigation

·         Translucent gel – easy to monitor

·         Easy to use and carry

·         Cost effective

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