Bone substitute InterOss

InterOss™ is natural hydroxyapatite derived from Australia bovine bone (BSE free). The highly purified osteoconductive mineral structure is produced from natural bone through a multi-step purification processing. Due to its natural origin, InterOss™ is chemically as well as structurally comparable to the mineralized human bone (nanocrystalline natural apatite). InterOss™ is available in granules. It is supplied sterile and it is dedicated for single-use.

InterOss™’s macro and micro pore structure with interconnected pore system work as a guidance for body fluids, growth factors, blood vessel, bone marrow, and bone cells.

The presence of a macroporous structure favors cell ingrowth while the microporosity allows the penetration of body fluids into the implant. The microporosity can also be a strategy to manipulate resorption and dissolution rate: the greater the microporosity, the greater the degradation rate.

Applications:reconstruction of oral and maxillofacial defect (alveolar ridge, periodontal defects, filling of extraction sockets, and maxillary sinus floor, etc.)


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